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IFD technology serves to empower our clients from different industries to outpace competition and set new standards of digital document processing in their industries by employing proven image analysis and artificial intelligence technologies for image forgery detection.

Online Lenders and Banking Institutions:

Banks, mortgage companies, short-term online lenders and other financial services use IFD as a part of their customer acquisition and underwriting process to keep fraudsters out of their lending system. IFD's document verification technology minimizes fraud losses and at the same time helps you to meet anti-money laundering standards imposed by regulators.

Additionally IFD prevents internal fraud if collateral proofs such as document scan images and collateral photos are "improved" by a bank employee who is working for a fraudster or a relative.

Alternative finance lending companies that use only digital channels for their loan origination are especially vulnerable to identity-theft fraud and document image manipulation-based fraud since they rely solely on digital information - something that attracts fraudsters. For such organizations, IFD builds a barrier that is insurmountable even for a versatile fraudster with professional image processing skills.


Usage of electronic communication channels is the most obvious choice for Telco companies. By intensifying such usage many telco providers streamline customer acquisition and outpace competitors that still ask customers to email, fax, or physically drop off copies of documents at a branch office for account origination or up-sale/cross-sale operations.

To avoid internal and external fraud during document processing Telco companies can employ IFD's document image forgery detection technology. For Telco companies we offer a fast and easy online process: document image verification takes place seamlessly in the background so that customers are not inconvenienced and at the same time the protection against fraud is maintained.

Insurance Companies:

It is prudent to include automatic detection of photo alteration in the claim analysis process. By uncovering digitally-manipulated images in claims proof photos insurance companies prevent fraud losses for the cases when a claimant attempts to obtain some benefit or advantage to which they are not otherwise entitled.

Government and Local Authorities:

Electronic document management greatly simplifies and streamlines many processes in government institutions, but, at the same time, it brings risks of fraud and counterfeit documents leading to dubious and sometimes disastrous decisions that jeopardize authorities. With IFD forgery detection algorithms for digital document images such risks can be minimized saving precious reputation and taxpayers' money.


HR screening process can be greatly improved by incorporating IFD's document forgery detection system into the candidate screening process. Ensuring that all potential employees are presenting unaltered education certificates, diplomas, work permits, ID cards and achievement proofs has proven to dramatically reduce the risk of internal fraud, reputation losses and exposure to penalties.

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