Request A Demo

Learn how Image Forgery Detector works and get a demo from a Scorto expert.

Step 1: Upload

To detect a forged image, add your files, start uploading and proceed to the next step. Please note that you can upload up to three files for the demo version.

Step 2: Summary

Once files are uploaded, you can specify a type of each uploaded image. Unnecessary files can be removed.

Step 3: Reports

You’ll receive 5 fields for each image/document:
Score: Value between 0-100. Higher the score, the higher a probability of the photo being altered.
Classification: Forged/Suspicious/Authentic. Main classification of IFD system.
Comment: Comment on analysis results and additional information.
Camera info: Camera manufacturer&model (if applicable).
Location info: Latitude and Longitude from the metadata of the picture (if applicable).

For UK only: Personal Data Extraction

For photos of UK passports and driver licenses the system automatically recognizes and extracts the personal data they contain. These data can be used for automated verifications and forms auto-fill.

Request a Demo

Please fill the form below to request online demo based on specific image forgery examples: