About Us

Image Forgery Detector is a spin-off of the Scorto Corporation, an internationally recognized provider of analytics solutions and tools for decision management, risk management and fraud prevention. Being initially an internal project inside the Scorto R&D laboratory, Image Forgery Detector was subsequently detached into a separate business division and is now focused exclusively on image forgery detection methods and algorithms.

Our core team consisting of PhDs in Mathematics, Statistics and Artificial Intelligence has extensive domain experience. Members of our team have worked as predictive analysts, image processing specialists, artificial intelligence gurus and data mining specialists. However, we are proud not only of our technical expertise in developing image forgery detection algorithms and solutions, but also of our ability to communicate these solutions straight to any audience, regardless of a statistical or analytic background.

Our main distinctive feature is the ability to implement the latest anti-fraud achievements in an extremely user friendly and easy to use fashion, thus creating anti-fraud solutions that are highly efficient and able to be seamlessly integrated into the current business of our customers.

IFD team strives in:

Enhancing Ethics through Technology

By assisting our clients in everyday fight with fraudulent and insincere behaviour, IFD promotes ethical behaviour for our communities and participants with the help of the most prominent Artificial Intelligence technology.

Matching Profit and Protection

The uniqueness of cutting edge IFD technology is based on double action of its outcome: it increases profit per customer by lowering number of fraudsters in the customer base and at the same time protects organizations from losses and reputation risks, guarding them against intruders.

Bringing Peace of Mind in the Digital Era

If you know about Photoshop, Pixelmator, Picasa or Paint.NET, you know how easy it is to edit and therefore to forge a photo image or document. IFD designed to return you confidence in digital images and protect you from fraudsters.

Find out more about our parent company Scorto Corporation - leader in risk mitigation, fraud prevention and decision management solutions for banking, telecom, and insurance organizations around the world.

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