Detect Document Forgery!

Our clients employ superb IFD artificial intelligence algorithms along with the state-of-the-art image analysis technology that identifies digital image manipulation even with forged metadata.


  • Upgrade your website or software with seamless and automatic document image forgery prevention
  • Comply with anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) requirements
  • Safe and secure servers with strict 24/7 monitoring standards.
  • Customizable API for fast and easy implementation according to your business flow.
  • Save time, money and reduce labor costs through the automation of manual document photo verification
  • Dramatically reduce fraud losses

The widespread use of image processing software makes document image forgery extremely cheap and easy. Every smartphone provides the ability to edit any document photo in a few seconds. It is quite acceptable to modify or blur a document photo that will be used for private purposes. However, if documents and images are used for business purposes, any modifications are unacceptable. Online lending companies request ID documents from clients. Any alteration to this type of document may be treated as a forgery.

How can we trust documents and
images received?

Are they authentic
or edited?

Have we received
an original image or a fake?

Image Forgery Detector helps answer these questions

Our R&D center has developed a robust system able to detect image forgery automatically. The JPEG format gives us the possibility to implement texture analysis, metadata investigation, error level analysis and many other research techniques to detect alteration.

Image Forgery Detector combines a number of state-of-the art approaches and complicated self-developed machine learning algorithms.

Now you can verify the authentication of any document provided as JPEG image in a few clicks! Just upload an image and Image Forgery Detector will provide a response whether your image is forged or not. Moreover, you will get a fraud score for the image and specific comments on the analysis with detailed information.

It is time to stop questioning the authenticity of every document attachment!

Try Image Forgery Detector, be on the safe side!

Enjoy excellent document forgery detection performance and identify altered, edited, fake, expired or counterfeit documents.

Employ top-notch technology that leads the way in fast and accurate document forgery detection.

Enhance Your Customer Acquisition with Real-time Forgery Detection

Our image forgery detector for document photos reduces the risk of fraudulent activity, while significantly reducing the time associated with the verification process. In addition it reducing the associated costs of the customer screening requirements for your customer acquisition process.

IFD uses a variety of checks to ensure a document photo, attached to an application form, is legitimate and hasn't been changed by any image processing software. On average, this forgery detection happens in under 60 seconds, and provides you with the security you need to offer high-risk online money lending, insurance and telecom products and services.

IFD technology integrates seamlessly into websites, loan application, or client registration processes to confirm the absence of document manipulation in the customer's documents, including birth certificates, ID cards, passports, driver licenses, bank account statements, permits, utility bills etc.

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